Gilligan’s Island Then and Now!

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Gilligan’s Island was a beloved television show of the 1960’s.  Many, from Gen Z through The Greatest Generation, still watch this humorous show today on DVD or MeTV or on other channels that feature the oldies.

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Did  you know that the pilot show finished filming in Hawaii in 1963.  In the background as the Minnow sails out of port in the opening credits you can see a flag at half mast. The flag was at half mast for the assassination of JFK.  This scene was left in for the entire first season.

Speaking of first season, 1964, it was filmed in black and white.  The Sherwood Scwartz hit production was then filmed in color starting in the second season.

Jerry Van Dyke turned down the role of Gilligan.  Might have been a mistake for Jerry but was a huge success for Bob Denver.  Bob is also known for playing in the TV series Dobie Gillis.

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Archie Bunker was looked at for the role of the Skipper and Raquel Welch as Ginger.  Tina Louise was a perfect Ginger Grant and Alan Hale, Jr. is the only Skipper for me.  Alan Hale, Jr. also played a blacksmith in the Clint Eastwood movie Hang ‘Em High. He also played a chef named Gilligan on “Batman.”

The news announcer voice the castaways always tuned into on their radio was that of Charles Maxwell.  He was a character actor who appeared on Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Lawman, Rawhide and The Rifleman.  He never received credit for his role on Gilligan’s Island which turned out to be his longest recurring role.

Jaws, Richard Kiel, the famous bad guy in two James Bond movies and Mr. Larson in “Happy Gilmore”, played a Russian bad guy in one episode with the castaways.  That is a very young Kurt Russell playing the Jungle Boy in another episode.

The “The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle” was sung by the Wellingtons.  They were the singing group that appeared on the show as the Mosquitoes. They also sang “The Ballad of Davy Crockett” another 1960’s success.

Denver, Colorado is named after Bob Denver’s Great-Great-Grandfather.

Where is the island? About 250 SE of Hawaii.

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Gilligan’s Island had 99 episodes.

Tina Louise and Dawn Wells are the only two from the cast that are still with us.

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