Equifax has lost our credit information!

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In the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the 9/10/17 issue, there were two articles, one by Ken Sweet, Associated Press and one by AnnaMarie Andriotis and Aaron Lucchetti, Dow Jones Newsletter.  The articles outline how Equifax was hacked and 140 million Americans had their credit information exposed!
In case you don’t know, Equifax is one the three biggest and most used credit reporting companies in the USA.  This is a huge concern for all of us.  What was potentially exposed are social security numbers, DOB, addresses, etc.  Yes, everything needed to take someones identity and wipe savings, checking, retirement accounts, etc.
These articles are well worth your attention and can be read at the Pioneer Press website, .  Or, check them out at NBC News or at Fox News.
In the short term,  the article advised taking advantage of your free annual credit report at Free Annual Credit Report.  Also, you can go to Equifax Security to check with Equifax if your information may have been stolen.  You can also call them at 866-447-7559.
Both articles let people know that they need to be proactive and not wait to find out if you were one of the unlucky ones.
This was a bad breach that Equifax sat on for over a month.  Take it seriously and check your accounts!
To top off the massive scam, three top executives of Equifax sold $1.8 million of their Equifax stock just days before the company went public with the breach. Check out the article at Market Watch or this article at Tech Crunch.
Needless to say the Security and Exchange Commission and the Senate are looking into hearings involving insider trading against the 3 executives and Equifax.  This is possibly the single worst incident of this kind in the history of the USA.  At least from the standpoint of how sensitive the information is, this is the worst ever.
Here is another article of interest from the Washington Post.
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